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2-nd Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN)

18-25 July 2009

Sofia, Bulgaria

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  SOFIMUN News  


SOFIMUN announces the dates for 2010

The SOFIMUN Foundation has decided to have the 3rd edition of the SOFIMUN conference in the year 2010 in the period 24-31 July.



SOFIMUN 2009 aftermath section online

The SOFIMUN Foundation is proud to announce that the SOFIMUN 2009 edition is successfully over and all the reports are now ready and in the AFTERMATH SECTION of the current website. Enjoy!



SOFIMUN successfully over!

The SOFIMUN Foundation is proud to announce that the SOFIMUN 2009 edition is successfully over. Stay tuned for our aftermath section in the beginning of September 2009. We will announce the results, resolutions and publish videos, galleries and interviews and inform all who are interested about the next, 3rd edition, of SOFIMUN in 2010.



Unprecedented logistical crisis scenario taken off the agenda

The SOFIMUN Foundation worked for the last couple of weeks on the idea to simulate a real crisis scenario from a logistical point of view. Delegates of a simulated organ would be rushed from the hotel where they are staying, in the middle of the night (01:00 - 03:00) to the plenary sessions venue and start working on a just-emerged crisis. The SOFIMUN Foundation teams - ORG-com and EX-com had everything prepared for this experiment.



SOFIMUN receives support from Mr. Maher Nasser - Director of United Nations Information Service in Vienna

The SOFIMUN Foundation received a special message of support from the director of UNIS office in Vienna Mr. Maher Nasser. The message is due to the fact that Mr. Nasser will not be able to attend this year's SOFIMUN. The message will be fully read during the opening ceremony of the SOFIMUN 2009 on the July 18, until then we publish just a part of it:


"As you address vital global issues at the Sofia International Model United Nations Conference over the coming days, you will represent diplomacy as it should be – countries and individuals coming together to find solutions through constructive debate. You will examine all different positions – including views you may oppose. After the end of the Conference, your skills, your ideas and your initiative can contribute to providing those global solutions that we need to achieve a safer, healthier, more prosperous world."



SOFIMUN's executive director met with Deputy Foreign Minister Mr. Milen Keremedchiev

The Executive Director of the SOFIMUN Foundation Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev had a meeting on Monday with the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria in order to discuss important issues concerning the 2nd edition of the SOFIMUN conference. During the meeting Mr. Mandradjiev expressed his and the Foundation's gratitude towards the work and partnership so far between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and the Sofia International Model United Nations Foundation. Deputy Minister Keremedchiev greeted the SOFIMUN idea and work that has been done so far and issued his position that the support for the annual SOFIMUN conference will continue. Mr. Keremedchiev was glad to hear that the SOFIMUN Foundation is working on an international scale not only for and during the annual conference but by providing support to other UN and MUN initiatives around the globe.



SOFIMUN – special guest to the Permanent UN representative in Bulgaria’s farewell party

Mr. Henry Jackelen, Permanent Representative of the United Nations in Bulgaria has threw a farewell party marking the departure of the UN representation mission in Bulgaria in May 2009. The president of the SOFIMUN Foundation, Ms. Paola Ivanova and the Executive Director of the Foundation, Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev were among the special guests to Mr. Jackelen in the Sofia hotel “Sheraton” as partners and collaborators in the UN ideas and initiatives in Bulgaria. At his farewell party, among the special guests of Mr. Jackelen were also the deputy minister of the foreign affairs of Bulgaria, Mr. Liubomir Kiuchukov and Mrs. Meglena Plugchieva, deputy prime minister of European funds, many diplomats and representatives of international organizations in Bulgaria. As being a farewell party for the departure of Mr. Henry Jackelen from Bulgaria, the SOFIMUN foundation decided to give to Mr. Jackelen a gift that will remain as a special souvenir for him - phototype copy of the book “Etoile de la Concorde” - edition 2 from 1918, the forefather book of the charter of the United Nations, written by the Bulgarian Mr. Nikola Dimkov.



Formal meeting with the UN Association of Bulgaria

On April 29th 2009 the president of the SOFIMUN Foundation, Ms. Paola Ivanova and the Executive Director of the SOFIMUN Foundation, Mr. Dimiter Mandradjiev led a meeting with the president of the UN Association of Bulgaria, ambassador Ivan Garvalov and the Secretary General of the association, Prof. dr. Petrana Fileva to discuss possible future cooperation between the two organizations and previous misunderstandings being a subject of debate between the two organizations. The two sides have expressed their will for a dialogue and work in the spirit of the UN. SOFIMUN is now happy to inform that the previous arguments of both sides were discussed and an agreement has been achieved between the two organizations in the name of the successful work on the UN issues.



Video presentations of the Secretariat

The official video presentations of the SOFIMUN 2009 are now online. See them in the ORGANIZERS section ---> Secretariat.



SOFIMUN's official poster!

The official poster of SOFIMUN 2009 is now ready to be viewed by all participants and organizations. You can find it at this address.



SOFIMUN with banners!

Now you can download banners of SOFIMUN and put them in your website. More here: BANNERS



SOFIMUN's site is online!

SOFIMUN's site is online from today! We are proud to announce that you can find full information about the 2-nd edition of Sofia International Model United Nations in Sofia, Bulgaria. Please be sure to get acquainted with the participation rules and draft program of the event.


SOFIMUN News Network


The official media body of SOFIMUN - the SNN - SOFIMUN News Network has been launched!

SOFIMUN has now an official news body formed - the SNN - SOFIMUN News Network. It will try to combine the work of representatives of different news agencies, TV stations, websites, radios and press. The SNN has a very intriguing goal to accomplish...


go to the SNN special website...


Invitation to MUNers


SOFIMUN is waiting for you!

SOFIMUN 2009 is going to be held in between 18-25 July 2009 in the beautiful and old city of Sofia in the Balkan state of Bulgaria. You are invited to take part in the conference. Soon you will have the opportunity to find more information on this website. Don't hesitate to contact us at any time for any purpose or inquiry.


see the participation info...


Previous editions


SOFIMUN's previous 1-st edition - 2008!

The SOFIMUN Foundation has decided to keep a full archive of the website of SOFIMUN 2008 event. You can go directly to it through the link bellow. There you can find the aftermath reports of SOFIMUN 2008; galleries with over 500 photos; 3 videos and wallpapers.


go to the 2008 site...


Exclusive sponsors 2009



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