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2-nd Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN)

18-25 July 2009

Sofia, Bulgaria

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SOFIMUN 2009 Secretariat


NEW! - Movies of the secretariat!


Here you can read a few lines about the SOFIMUN 2009 Secretariat - the Secretary General and the Chair Board. You can also play a short video and see a few flashes of the life of the SOFIMUN 2009 Secretariat - photos of their precious moments, combined with their favorite song/music, selected by them.


Please, note that this use of pictures and music is with non-commercial purpose – they only serve as personal vision and shall be used only for the needs of those presentations! All pictures and music used here are owned by their respected authors/performers and are protected by copyright law!


Movie of Jun-Hwan Park – “Moonlight sonata” by Ludwig van Beethoven

Movie of Amy Just - “Come rain or shine” by Frank Sinatra;“Rehab” by Amy Winehouse

Movie of Adelina Andreeva – “Tamacun” by Rodrigo y Gabriela

Movie of Lena Borth – “Aisha” by Khaled

Movie of Albena Petkova –

Movie of Georgiana Ungureanu – “Twisted nerve” by Bernhard Herman

Movie of Kristina Kovacheva – “Rise up” by Yves Larock

Movie of Hans Lenders – “Imagine” by John Lenon

Movie of Melina Boneva – “Sem Contecao” by Bebel Gilberto (Ugo & Sanz mix)

Movie of Matija Blace – “Carry on” by Manowar

Movie of Plamena Markova – “Io canto” by Laura Pausini

Movie of Simon Walters – “If you want to sing out, sing” by Cat Stevens


The SOFIMUN Foundation will not sell or distribute these movies on a 3-rd party basis.


Org & Ex Coms


The organizational and executive committees of Sofia International Model United Nations. You can find more about the people who are organizing the conference. Most of them are experienced MUN addicts that are now helping other MUN events around the globe to be prepared and initiated.






Here you can find information about the main organizations that are contributing Sofia International Model United Nations event happen. The organizations mentioned are the main supporters of the Sofia International Model United Nations idea in Bulgaria. They have been supporting it for a long time.




Jun-Hwan Park (Secretariat)

Secretary General


Born and raised in Santiago Chile, Jun is finishing his Master’s in International Cooperation at Seoul National University. He plans on pursuing a career in Sustainable Development.


After 2004, Jun moved from Santiago and went to Alfred University, New York, awarded with a leadership scholarship. Jun rapidly realized that he wanted to develop ties with the European continent and moved to Barcelona in 2005 where he finished B.A. in Business Communications and Public Relations.


After attending GIMUN 2007, his first MUN, he had a unique experience and felt he found his calling. At MILMUN 2007 he received an Honorary Mention and great preparation. Finally his MUN career peaked when he chaired the Conference on Disarmament at ZAGIMUN 2007.


Leaving Europe and Barcelona to pursue his Master’s in South Korea was not enough to keep him away from MUNs. Jun was most recently the chair for the United Nations Environment Program in the first edition of SOFIMUN 2008. Now he’s looking forward on being a Secretary General on the second SOFIMUN edition in July 2009. Even this challenge won’t keep him away from MUNs - right after SOFIMUN, he’ll chair the Security Council on LEBIMUN 2009.


Jun has been told that he is a Jack-of-all-trades and likes to consider that impossible is nothing, as well as that there is no problem without solution.


David Meijer (Secretariat)

Chairperson of Security Council


David is a European Citizen with Dutch passport born and raised in Austria. Having realized that studying law is boring, he switched to Political Sciences and is currently finishing his Master Degree at the University of  Vienna.


David is an active member of the Academic Forum for Foreign Affairs-United Nations Youth and Student Association and was thus in the staff of all 8 VIMUNs and 2 HISTOMUNs since 2001. For some years it seemed enough, but  later he expanded his reach to Oxford, London, Zagreb, Sofia, Moscow. Apart from two Crisis Committees and a Human Rights Council the Security Council became his second home. The fun crowd at Zagreb and then Sofia was one of  the most lasting experiences, and laid ground to him accepting the offer to chair at SOFIMUN II.


David is interested in politics, especially concerning the Middle East and the  Russian Federation, history, arts and thousands of other things you will find out.


Adelina Andreeva (Secretariat)

Co-chairperson of Security Council


Adelina Andreeva was born in October, 1986 in Silistra, Bulgaria. She is now graduating her Bachelor in Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


Back in her high school years, she was chosen to be a Bulgarian representative on the United World Youth Council, Radley, Oxford, 2003. In 2005, she participated in the 48th and 49th European Youth Parliament sessions in Stavanger, Norway and Basel, Switzerland respectively. In October, the same year she was a chair and an organizer of the First National Session of the European Youth Parliament, Sofia, Bulgaria. Adelina was also actively involved in the Bulgarian Youth Parliament in her home city where she took a position of a vice-president.


Having eagerly waited to get her 90 credits and apply for UNISCA, Adelina finally participated in the conference in January, 2009 as a chair of the Second committee. That is how her MUN experience started. Captured by the great MUN spirit and ready to “serve her patriotic duties “, Adelina is looking forward to meeting you all at the SOFIMUN 2009.


Lena Borth (Secretariat)

Chairperson of Human rights council


Although of German origin, Lena was born and raised in a beautiful but neutral country, primarily known for its banks, chocolate, cheese and clocks.


Hearing early “The Call of the Wild”, she left home when she was sixteen and went to explore the United Kingdom for a year.


After coming back she was then dragged to her first Model UN which she didn’t particularly like. However, the second MUN opened her eyes and soon, she organized such a MUN herself, together with a good friend of hers.


After finishing school, a 5-months stay in Russia followed. Sadly, despite her being such an endearing, socializing and friendly girl, the decision to become a law student was made and Lena settled for two years in a very small town called Frankfurt Oder at the German/Polish border.


Still she kept MUNing and attended various MUNs, such as GIMUN and MediolaMUN.


Currently the humble Chairperson is on an Erasmus-exchange in Ghent, Belgium, where she can pursue her interests, namely studying Human Rights and Human Rights related topics and subjects.


Lena is now very much looking forward to becoming a chair again, especially in her favorite committee.


Albena Petkova (Secretariat)

Co-chairperson of Human rights council


Born in 1983, graduated Math’s High School and now is finishing a Master Degree in International Project Management at University of National and World Economy in Sofia. Currently Albena works in a bank as a project expert and is a member of Rotaract Club Sofia International.


Albena caught the MUN virus back in the year of 2005 when she was a delegate at UNISCA, Amsterdam. Since then she is googling for international MUN’s everytime she feels like refreshing her MUN spirit.


Albena participated in various international MUN’s – BIMUN (Belgrad), VIMUN, C'MUN (Barcelona), but always as a delegate, plus she was part of the team of the 1-st edition of SOFIMUN back in 2008.


She was just thinking she needed a new challenge and right on time, Poly and Mitko (AKA Dimiter) called and offered her to be part of the SOFIMUN 2009 team as chair of the Human Rights Council.



Georgiana Ungureanu (Secretariat)

Chairperson of United Nations Development Program


Born and raised in beautiful Romania, Georgiana is currently finishing her degree in law, after having graduated from European Studies in July 2007.


During her studies, she was also an Erasmus exchange student at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, the turning point in what was to become a very international life, but also the moment when Georgiana became passionate about simulation games.


Her MUN adventure started in 2007 at WorldMUN in Geneva, followed by a frantic participation in several conferences across Europe, both as a chair and as a delegate, being awarded distinctions in two occasions (Best Delegate at IIMUN 2007 and Honorary Mention at ZAGIMUN 2007). Soon after, she was chair of the ZAGIMUN HRC in 2008 and is now looking forward to two new challenges - the WorldMUN in 2009 and after that, the chairperson position at SOFIMUN 2009 in July.


Apart from enjoying being a student and a MUNer, Georgiana is also crazy about chocolate, traveling, languages (for the time being, she’s highly determined to learn Russian), the sea and the sun.


Kristina Kovacheva (Secretariat)

Co-chairperson of United Nations Development Program


Born in Svishtov, Bulgaria, Kristina left her hometown in 1999 and moved to the Netherlands where she finished high school with ancient languages and specialized in economics. Currently she’s completing her bachelor in Law at the University of Amsterdam. Kristina plans to pursue a career in international law after the full enjoyment of her bachelor years and a masters degree somewhere else around the globe.


Kristina caught the MUN virus in the summer of 2008 during the 1-st edition of SOFIMUN, made friends for life there, went on a small summer vacation with some of them to the Bulgarian coast and didn’t realise when it was all over. To deal with the MUN depression afterwards, she spontaneously applied for ZAGIMUN and BIMUN in 2008. Her chairing experience followed in 2009 at UNISCA, MOSTIMUN 2009 and WORLDMUN. The MUN experience opened new opportunities for Kristina to travel, visit different cities and meet intelligent party people and she’s not planning to quit her MUN activities any time soon.


Kristina loves to feel and act like she’s important in the decision making process and get on everyone’s nerves during MUNs and for this reason you will probably notice her representing one of the bad guys at any future conferences.


Looking forward to meet everyone at SOFIMUN 2009!


Hans Lenders (Secretariat)

Chairperson of Disarmament and International Security Committee


Hans was born in the Netherlands in 1984. He graduated last January with a Master´s degree in Environmental Policy from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Currently he is orientating on his future career but determined to make a contribution to the pressing issues of our time.


Hans is passionate about MUN´s as a way to meet interesting new people, discuss international politics, take a different perspective and above all, have a genuine good time. It was a small business card given to him on an MUN like conference in May 2007 that opened up the world of MUNing. Having been to BIMUN in 2007 he went to MILMUN, SOFIMUN, ZAGIMUN and again to BIMUN as a delegate in various committees representing among others the UK, Russian Federation, Iran and Peru.


He was rewarded a best delegate award being the UK in the HRC at SOFIMUN 2008, followed by another best delegate award at ZAGIMUN 2008 for being, once again, the UK in the Security Council. In January 2009 he chaired the Security Council at UNISCA (The University of Amsterdam MUN). After SOFIMUN Hans will be a chair of the Security Council in ZAGIMUN 2009.


Living by the phrase ´C´est la vie´ he is often perceived as a rather serious person with a good sense of humor. Hans enjoys a good conversation as well as a proper party. He has passion for traveling and enjoys the good things in life to the fullest. Having the privilege to be a chair of the SOFIMUN Disarmament and International Security Committee together with Melina he is looking forward to make this an outstanding committee and have an unforgettable time together!


"To know when to be generous and when firm — that is wisdom." (Elbert Hubbard)


Melina Boneva (Secretariat)

Co-chairperson of Disarmament and International Security Committee


Melina was born in Sofia and started talking and fidgeting nearly from this very day – her mother cannot remember the days she was just a quiet baby. Energetic and curious, she decided that foreign languages and multiculturalism could become her “hobbies” and so chose the innovative and demanding “Balkan” high school, with emphasis on languages, literature, history and culture of South-East Europe. Through these crazy years took part and organized the seminars of the Balkan Network of Secondary Schools (BNSS) and was chosen as a representative in the cultural pre-Olympic program of the Athens 2004 Olympics. Following a one year program in Journalism and Mass Media in 2003, opened her eyes for the challenges and charms of communication and since it is always in her sphere of interests.


As an impassionate Sagittarius, she finished high school quicker than expected and followed the call for change. Fled away from cloudy winter depression and chose for her studies the Department of International Relations and European Studies of Panteion Univeristy in Athens, Greece, both due to sunlight, and to her love for Greek language. Focused on European integration and policies and international law, currently she is gaining experience and inspiration as a junior researcher in the RELEX project of the Institute of International Relations in Athens. Just graduated, she is exploring the infinite opportunities of this brave new world and looking for the perfect masters program to follow...


Described by her friends as “sunny”, sociable, impulsive, passionate and usually optimistic, still she is ambitious and hard worker with a constant desire for learning. Absolute fan of sun and sea, craving for adventure, she is keen on exploring new places and meeting new people.


A newbie in the MUN societies, with just one seminar in her biography, she was more than tempted by SOFIMUN 2008. After becoming Best Delegate of UNEP as Kenya, the next challenge was chairing - a unique opportunity to see the debate “from the other side”, to play a responsible and dynamic role and an unforgettable experience. And she is soooo looking forward to it...


Matija Blace (Secretariat)

Chairperson of United Nations Peacebuilding Commission


Coming from Sibenik in Dalmatia, and now studying law in Zagreb, Matija is a second-generation SOFIMUN-er, having participated as a delegate in ECOSOC last year.


He started MUN-ing in 2007 at ZAGIMUN, been to GIMUN and SOFIMUN, and then made a full circle chairing DISEC at ZAGIMUN 2008. He also chaired a Model European Union as a President of the European Parliament in Krakow 2008.


He’s also active in parliamentary debate, winning a Croatian national debate league season 2007/2008 and representing Croatia (and also Serbia!) at various international tournaments, highlights being two finals at IDAS 2008 and FUTUR 2008, also winning a number of best speaker awards.


Loving MUNs through and through, and enjoying discussing issues of international security, he gladly took up the challenge of chairing again... this time at SOFIMUN. It’s the MUN with most fun to be had around, while debating hard on the pressing topics in the world. Bridging nations and continents, working together in resolving today’s and tomorrow’s issues, SOFIMUN is an experience everybody should have at least once in their lives.


Plamena Markova (Secretariat)

Co-chairperson of United Nations Peacebuilding Commission


Plamena was born in 1983 in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, no matter how much she loves her home country she refuses to obey any form of patriotic calls since it’s practically impossible for her to stay in one place for too long.


Her first intercultural experience was in her high school years, since she was the one person to represent her country in the international competition for young translators, which takes place every year in Arpino, Italy.


After finishing High School, she attended a year of Classical Studies in the University of Sofia, while in the same time she took an intense course in Arab language and Philosophy of the Middle East. Plamena was granted with a scholarship from the Greek Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs and is now in her last year of undergraduate studies in Panteio University of Athens, Greece. Her priority sector is international law with emphasis on the human rights’ protection. Just a few months ago Plamena successfully completed her practice in the structures of the Greek Representation of the European Commission.


The most precious thing for Plamena is diversity, which also appears to be a spring of fun and knowledge. Like most young people today she values one’s ability to stay open-minded and refuses to accept any form of cultural, political, economic or historical cliché.


She finds that SOFIMUN is the perfect opportunity to prove two things - firstly, that no two minds think alike and this gives the perfect opportunity for a positive dialogue and secondly, that no matter which part of the world you call home, there is always someone on the other side of the globe that will give you a hand if you need it.


Simple, romantic and full of good intentions (just like the road to hell, somebody might add).


“Guta cavet lapidem non vi sed saepe cadendo!”


Simon Walters (Secretariat)

Editor in Chief of SNN


Born in London but Scottish at heart, Simon has just finished his final year of a history degree at the University of Edinburgh.


He became involved in the MUN programme whilst studying on an Erasmus Exchange Year at the University of Salamanca in Spain. He participated in the first edition of MUNUSAL before being invited back the following year to Chair the Security Council. Most recently Simon was the Secretary General in the first ever edition of MOSTIMUN, held in the city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He will also be involved in LEBIMUN, taking place straight after this years’ SOFIMUN. Simon is now very excited about this new challenge, ready to run the first version of Sofia News Network – SNN.


Outside of the world of MUNs, Simon has worked as an English teacher, which included spending a year teaching in a Vietnamese high school, and was also the presenter of a request show for a Hospital Radio station. In 2008, Simon coached the Mexican team for the World Schools’ Debating Competition. Simon has also been involved in both acting and directing a number of amateur theatre productions, and secretly dreams of becoming professional, but as he said, this is a secret!


Directing SNN, Simon intends to bring you a news service which will be reporting on all aspects of the conference. From the committee sessions themselves, sensational speeches made by delegates and groundbreaking resolutions formed or rejected, SNN will also be there at the parties and social events, and no doubt be bringing you a selection of photos to provide you with great memories of your best (and perhaps worst) moments.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has” (Margaret Mead)


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